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Due to the upcoming arrival at our house, I've made the difficult decision to exit the business.
Please contact me for details if you require further assistance.
Many thanks to all of my clients for keeping my horses in hay all of those years.

Who I Am

I am a freelance web designer living in the Bloomsburg, PA area.

Mocha and Andy (photo by Cynthia Raught)

I started building websites in the mid-1990s, having no idea it would lead me to a second career more than ten years later. I have previous experience in marketing, having spent several years as the marketing director of a local non-profit theatre. I moved to web design professionally in 2005, and went full-time in 2007. I specialise in WordPress, X/HTML and CSS, and use open source tools extensively.

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What I Do

Argraff Design is dedicated to serving clients from the arts, non-profits and small businesses by providing quality, standards-compliant websites.

I promise to work within the tight budgets smaller artistic ventures and businesses must live within. I also promise to deliver quality websites that work in all major web browsers and to provide timely updates when my clients need them.

Web Design & Hosting
I help my clients acquire a domain, set up hosting and create new, modern sites using clean code and web standards. This gives them the flexibility to update their own site, the ability to update the site’s appearance for less cost in the future, and adds to their marketing arsenal.

I also specialise in rescuing and restoring sites that have been neglected or abandoned, giving them a makeover, bringing the code up to modern standards and enabling their owners to update them more easily, thereby giving them flexibility, cost-savings, and bringing the joy back to having a website.

E-newsletters & Campaigns
Argraff Design also offers a complete and easy-to-use system for sending out email newsletters, avoiding blacklists, and making them look eye-catching in nearly every email client. The system also maintains email lists, including compliance with the CAN-SPAM act.

Transform Logos Into Vector Format
Have a logo? Don’t have a very good digital version of it? Send me the best one you have (print or digital) and I will recreate it in a vector format suitable for offset printing.

…you’ve produced an excellent website! — Fr. Dennis

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